Luxury transfer

We work from several years in the field of the luxury transfer service with driver for motor-vehicle or private coach offering  and guaranteeing to the own customers a professional service.

High Quality Services


Aurora Limousine Service is a company working from several years mainly in the territory of the Lake of Como, covering therefore the major destinations and itineraries of the leisure trip or the business travel. 


Aurora Limousine Service is able to satisfy any kind of requirement such as business travel, short and long holiday trips, sightseeing tours, providing a service of 24 hours which allows to leave and arrive to the wished destination at any time by day and night.


We may provide a wide range of luxury rental a car services with driver, personalise and study  with the maximum attention in order to satisfy all needs of the customers.

Car Fleet

We can provide elegant and modern motor-vehicles made by prestigious manufacturers in order to meet all needs of comfort, style and safety.